A Message from our Founder:

“For 15 years, my wife Eunice and I have pledged to give you, our customer, the very best in service, knowledge and competitive pricing. Now, with 15 stores it’s impossible to do it all ourselves but you’ll see when you come in to any of our Good Health Mart locations that our original mission is still being carried out with the help of our wonderful Associates.

When I shop in any retail store, I want friendly, knowledgeable staff; I want competitive prices and if I’m not satisfied, I want satisfaction – either give me another product to do the job, or my money back—cheerfully!

We try very hard to impart this philosophy to every one of our Associates and it’s working.”

Here are a few of the letters we’ve received:

Feb. 12, 2014 Stella writes,

‘Hello, I was in the Dixie Mall location about a week ago to find something for sleep. I had spoken with a young lady Nicole and she recommended a supplement to take plus a tea which have been working great. I was blown away at the service I received as she was very knowledgeable and interested in me and my issues (which I needed) – even recommended a fish oil for my mood. I had gone back on the weekend to pick it up. Although it was very busy everyone there was still very helpful. I have never received such service from a health store before and wanted to say it was very appreciated! The staff is very friendly. Will definitely be recommending this store!! Thank you. Warmly, Stella’


Ann writes,

‘Hi, Is there any way to contact Joanne who used to work at Good Health Mart? She helped me get rid of my high blood pressure and my overload of chemicals. I now have a daughter who has cancer. They (the doctors) say it is ‘contained’ and want to do surgery later. Is there anything I can do? I was told over and over again there was no help for the chemical overload, but Joanne immediately had the answer and the results have been great.’

We responded to Ann and continue to help her daughter fight her cancer.

Barbara writes,

‘Hello, I’m a steady customer and I have always received good service. I have often asked for special orders and my requests have always been filled.’ (Barbara happened to be in a competitors store and observed)… ‘The young clerk showed her (an older lady),  some digestive enzymes and probiotics, but the lady said they were too expensive, and the clerk did not suggest an alternative.’

We told her to go to your store and buy the Natural Factors brand which she could buy one and get the second one at half price. She wrote us back:

……Your store is better than most and I’m glad I found you. I think that a lot of people have grave (health) concerns and sometimes the health store is one of the first places they come, and it’s important that the staff is knowledgeable.

“These are but a few of the letters we get. If you have a story or a request or even a criticism, (nobody is perfect) please let us know. My personal email is murray@goodhealthmart.com.

Yours in good health,
Murray McMahon, CEO”